I arrived in Stockton at the Ladd's Marina warf and the team immediately starting offloading the boat with their crane.

We found a spot for her to rest and they started offloading the mast as well. All in all it didn't take more than 45 min to get her all setup for the next phase.

Looking around on the warf I came upon this sad sight. I hope someone is restoring this beauty..Looks very much like my Kettenburg and obviously needs a lot of work...MAYBE i should inquire if this thing is for sale...Would be a great "practice" restoration to help me learn how to take care of a wooden boat without having to practice on RareBear :)

The marina at Ladd's Marina is a little rough but there were a couple of boats and in slips and also saw a couple of spots that would be great for RareBear to moor at. It has access to the bay but it would be quite the trip to get to the bay so not sure this would be the permanent place for her, but it's an option and probably a hell of a lot cheaper than in the Bay Area itself.

I sat down with Patty of Ladd's Marina to go over all the stuff I would like to have them work on...Now i'm waiting for the estimate to see how much I am going to have to do myself :)